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    Travelling In The Island Of Gods With Bali Map

kharisa ayu

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16 January 2017 10:28

Have you ever visited Bali? Yes Bali is known as one of the paradise for the Tourism. Bali is located in the middle part of Indonesia country. This place belongs to one of beautiful islands which have the beautiful natural panorama. In there, the tourists will be offered by the many attractions and a lot of performances. You can also see the historical sites there. There are a lot of traditional buildings which are known as pura, Balinese holy temples which are used for worshipping. When it comes to the destination of Bali, for the new tourists, they need Bali Map to ease their recreation. 

When it comes to the Bali Map, there are also the specific maps which can be used. In this case, I would like to deliver the maps of popular areas in Bali, such as:  Nusa Dua Map, Sanur Map, dan Denpasar Map.

Nusa Dua Map

The first Bali Map is Nusa Dua Map. Nusa Dua and also Tanjung Benua are positioned in the peninsula of the main land. This area is known own the excellent and best resorts which are beautified with the white sandy beaches. Most of resorts in this area are growing as the convenient and comfortable resort in Bali. The Nusa Bali Map is designed for those who want to know the direction and spot point of restaurants, hotels, and the other important places. 

Sanur Map

Another map which can be found in the Bali Map is Sanur Map. Sanur belongs to one of the popular areas in Bali. This area is popular with the golden sandy beaches on the coastal area. In this place, the tourists will be offered by the beautiful beaches as well as the luxurious hotels around the beaches. When it comes to the Sanur, you can also have things to do there. Besides beaches, you can also visit the traditional performances, like Bali kite festivals and the others.  The Sanur Map is important for guiding the tourists to get the right direction while finding the spas, hotels, restaurants, and the other places.

Denpasar Map

Another map is Denpasar Map. Denpasar city is known as the capital city of Bali. In this area, there are many government offices which are located there. Because of that reason, having the map of Denpasar can be useful for easing you getting the vital direction in Bali including the tourism objects and the government locations.  

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