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    Avail the Finest Laundry Services from Bebarobeshoor


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11 August 2017 05:56

Your wardrobe may be loaded with high fashion and expensive apparels but they demand to be treated with suitable laundry services in order to keep them clean and well-conditioned. Bebarobeshoor is a reliable online laundry platform offering top-notch laundry services at reasonable prices. Being the first official platform for laundry online (خشکشویی) services, they take pride in serving their clients with the best delivery facilities. This online platform is available to you in the form of mobile app, telegram robot and website, making it convenient for you to avail their prominent laundry services.

Started in fall of 1395 in Tehran, Bebarobeshoor is seeking for extending its services in other cities of Iran including Shiraz, Mashhad and Tabriz Isfahan. You can avail their plethora of services like laundry, ironing, rose color, repairs, shoes, lamps, bags, dolls and curtains washing (خشکشویی پرده) with just few clicks.

They take great care of belongings of their valuable customers and employ latest devices to ensure you the finest laundry services for your clothes. They offer you flexible payment methods which can be used in following ways:-

  • You can use the best and convenient way of payment via ZarrinPal service.
  • Payment can also be done with the aid of mobile card reader that can be sent through courier on your request.
  • They also offer you the facility of cash payment that can be paid after you receive your order.

Possessing a vast array of beneficial features, they are one of the most preferred choices among customers as the finest cleaning company in Tehran (شرکت نظافتی در تهران) .Their dependable services help them achieve a great level of customer satisfaction. You can get relieved from the worry of facing the basket full of stained clothes by taking benefit of their easily available laundry services.

Bebarobeshoor takes care of your laundry needs and using proven techniques clean your clothes effectively, providing you stain-free and well-ironed clothes. You can count on them for getting wide range of services from laundry and washing to staining and dyeing. They know the value of your time and thus save you from spending huge amount of time on laundry by providing top of the line laundry, ironing, repairing and dyeing services.

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