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    Secure Your School’s Crucial Data, Make a Backup on


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28 November 2017 05:01

Looking for an online backup service for backing up your school’s data? If yes, then is the most authentic and credible platform where you can back up all your school’s data. Backing up your data with means you are securing your data to the world’s most trusted cloud. The source uses Microsoft’s cloud for storing all the data and it is well known that none has as much compliance as Microsoft’s does. You can store all your school’s data by Cloud Computing For Schools on

From students’ information, faculty databases to academic statistics there are several details which schools generally need to manage. Information is a crucial entity and loss of information can cause havoc within the whole management and working of that particular school. This is why schools need to form a strong and reliable back up for all its data. is by far the best data backup solution which assures complete storage and safety of your data. facilitates that one can store their data from any corner of the world which means school’s data will automatically be stored on one among Microsoft’s UK based data centres. With by your side, you can safeguard school from ransom ware because your data will be encrypted all the times and there is no chance that it will be compromised. For instance, your servers can be a victim of some cyber-attack but you still can rest assured that your backups will never get affected adversely. trusts the most trusted Microsoft whose cloud offers the all-inclusive compliance coverage along with more than 50 compliance statements. Azure is one among the recognized most trusted cloud for governmental institutions. If you secure your online backup for schools on, then it means you are getting advanced security with 100% data durability along with stored data on 3 systems and unlimited retention.


Established in 1999 the platform has more than 1500 customers in the UK. They not only have an online backup facility but also have modules for backing up Windows server, Hyper V, VMware, Exchange (server and mailbox), System State, Bare Metal, MAC, Office 365 email, MS SQL, MySQL, Windows desktop and more. The source has been the forefront of emerging technologies for ICT backup since ages.

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